About tibicon

My name is Arduino Mancini and this is my blog,

If you would like to develop critical thinking and improve your personal effectiveness, you will find suggestions, ideas and many stories drawn from professional life.

I work as a coach, trainer and consultant: tibicon is the company I have founded to offer support in the areas of personal development, change and innovation management.

The aim is to help you, the Client, to identify your own intellectual capital and to transform it into value.

We work with our clients, most of which are companies, in the following market sectors in which we have specific experience.

  • alarm systems
  • banking
  • business associations
  • charity work
  • consulting firms
  • durable goods
  • e-commerce
  • franchising
  • industrial automation
  • non-durable goods
  • information & communication technology (ICT)
  • insurance
  • interior design
  • local authorities
  • luxury furnishing
  • motorsport – F1
  • news agencies
  • publishing
  • public administration
  • training and consulting companies

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