These are the essential features of courses and training projects we design.

Training courses are developed together with the client and can be a one-off event or become part of a programme directed at achieving specific goals; each course and programme is placed in the strategic context of the organization.

Courses are held in both Italian and English and can be designed to meet the needs of people from different countries and cultures.

In classroom planning and management, the aim is to promote people involvement through dynamic discussions, exercises,  role playing and relevant situations using audiovisual tools.

The training courses and projects are grouped under the following headings:

  • COM – Communication
  • HRM – Human Resource Management
  • LDR – Leadership
  • MAN – General Management
  • NEG – Negotiation
  • INC – Intellectual Capital
  • INP – Intellectual Property
  • SAL – Sales

Our training courses:

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