Structuring and managing sales processes



The client is a ceramic tiles company that manufactures and sells its products around the world: the general lines of this coaching project can be adopted in different business contexts.

The sales organization is structured as follows:

  • three sales managers coordinating sales activities in three continental areas and reporting to the General Manager;
  • seven area managers managing sales in specific areas and reporting to the related sales manager; they also coordinate the action of the sales agents in their area.

The General Manager intends to take advantage of the market recovery in progress and to strengthen the market presence; at the same time, he intends to focus on business, improving individual performance and efficiency/effectiveness of sales activities/processes.

The General Manager has decided to take action in the following directions:

  1. defining a client portfolio management model that strengthen relationship and turnover growth;
  2. defining and supporting the implementation of a model for managing monthly/quarterly forecasts and building the annual sales budget, verifying trends as well as the implementation of corrective actions;
  3. defining the level of delegation for each sales role, with special focus on price.

The client intends to identify a consulting firm able to structure and manage a project that moves according to the General Management’s guidelines, fostering a considerable change in the company’s market approach.

Coaching project guidelines

In order to achieve the goals of the project, it is mandatory that:

  • the consulting company and the General Manager define project details. The General Manager will closely follow the project progress;
  • the project will be presented to the sales managers in order to ensure their full commitment;
  • the change in sales activities/processes are implemented;
  • ordinary sales activities are reasonably guaranteed.

The phases of the project

Following is a summary of each single phase: the estimated duration of each phase will be determined during the detail planning stage:

  • General Management survey and acknowledgement of project aims and guidelines;
  • Presentation of the project to the sales directors aimed at identifying specific needs and acknowledging the contents;
  • Planning of training courses and analysis of in-house information systems related to business management;

The coaching project also includes a training course structured according to the following points:

  • defining the client portfolio and related items
  • structuring the objectives according to the organization needs
  • structuring the sales trend monthly/quarterly forecast process
  • consolidating the forecast data and forming the overall picture
  • extending the monthly sales forecast to the year
  • identifying the individual’s delegation/discretionary level in term of pricing during negotiation
  • identifying a model to support sales management related to the specific client in a 12-18 months time
  • the course will last 4 classroom days; it may be necessary to extend the training up to three additional days (six 4-hour sessions to be distributed in time) to facilitate the implementation of the processes.


Presentation to the General Manager of a final report which will also include a detailed description of the tools developed: management system software are not part of the project and related needs may be analyzed in the future.

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