COM – Effectively managing interpersonal communication: question-asking and listening techniques

Training course introduction

This course is very important for people who wish to improve their interpersonal communication skills and effectively manage the communication process. We will focus on  techniques which apply to negotiation process, team work, sales presentations, conflict management and all activities/processes where communication plays a key role.


To help participants improve their listening techniques and question-asking skills in order to achieve specific goals.


People determined to increase efficiency and effectiveness in communication.

Training languages

English, Italian


  • Analysis of the communication context
  • Peculiarities of effective communication
  • Threats to the effectiveness of communication: perception, personality, environment, other
  • Feedback: a key factor of the communication process
  • Needs and motivations of the counterparty
  • Classes of questions: closed, semi-closed, open
  • Questions for ”opening”: developing options and/or possible solutions
  • Questions for “closing”: towards the desired solution
  • Low-risk questions
  • Increasing effectiveness: clarification, verification, reformulation
  • Who you would never meet: the chatterbox and the silent person
  • Staying focused: listening awareness
  • Types of listening, aimed at specific situation
  • Problems we have with listening: knowing them to overcome them
  • A test for assessing our ability to listen
  • Empathic listening: understanding emotions
  • Questions, answers, effectively listening: the “dynamic” conversation

Training method

  • Learning by experience
  • The trainer helps participants to “discover” the various topics and to face situations that are technically similar to those they are used to deal with or they are expected to


Two days or more, according to the Client’s needs


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