LDR – Developing leadership

Training course introduction

Million of books have been written about leadership and, apparently, there is very few to discover. The great majority of people believe that leadership depends on charisma, seen as an individual trait you cannot develop: you are either born a leader or not. According to my experience both as manager and consultant, leadership is based on the following elements:

  • there are values that influence the company strategy and its implementation;
  • the leader builds over time a bond between himself and his/her followers;
  • this bond has a specific nature (love, loyalty, personal interest, affiliation, success, other) and this nature has influence on company results.

Therefore, it is possible to develop leadership as an organizational competence and this course will support the related process.


To help participants to effectively develop leadership as a personal and organizational competence.


Entrepreneurs, managers/supervisors, Human Resources managers

Training languages

English, Italian


  • Leadership: inside the meaning
  • Leader and manager: what is the difference
  • The myth of the charismatic leader
  • Leader, individual, mass: multi-level leadership
  • The bond between
    • company values and company strategy
    • leader and follower
    • leader and subordinate
  • “Good” leaders: why do we love them?
  • “Bad” leadership: the reasons of its success
  • Leadership and competence: let’s design the leader profile
  • The leader as an agent of change
  • The team leader
  • Styles of leadership
  • Learning leadership

Training method

  • Learning by experience
  • The trainer helps participants to “discover” the various topics and to face situations that are technically similar to those they are used to deal with or they are expected to


Two days or more, according to the Client’s needs


Arduino Mancini

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