NEG – Managing conflict through negotiation

Training course introduction

Interpersonal/departmental conflict is a critical point that quite commonly affects personal and professional life. Organization conflict also represent a waste of resources we are not aware of, hidden costs that may substantially affect company results. This training course will help participants develop negotiation competency, reduce organization conflict, improve company results and the quality of interpersonal relationships.


To help participants develop negotiation skills/competency, cooperate to identify solutions shared by different people/departments and reducing the risk of generating conflict.


Managers, supervisor and professionals responsible for managing resources and/or participating in complex processes.

Training languages

English, Italian


Conflict, negotiation and related concepts

  • Organizational conflict as an expression of non-converging interests
  • Identifying the negotiation structure, interests and goals of the counterparties
  • Defining tactics and negotiation strategies

The importance of perception

  • Interpreting the negotiation context
  • Different perception of negotiation context by counterparties

Positional bargaining

  • I win, you lose: the zero-sum game
  • Using positional bargaining: when, how and why
  • Soft or inflexible: peculiarities of two negotiation styles

Giving new structure to the negotiation process

  • Restructuring the negotiation context
  • Discovering cooperation as a competitive tool
  • Dividing the process into phases and managing them individually
  • The development of negotiable options
  • The paradox as a tool for restructuring the negotiation context

Training method

  • Learning by experience
  • The trainer helps participants to “discover” the various topics and to face situations that are technically similar to those they are used to deal with or they are expected to


Two days or more, according to the Client’s needs


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