Coaching for HR managers - Individual program

Are you an HR professional?

Do you cover an HR Manager, HR Business Partner, or HR Generalist position?

Do you want to develop skills that will help you manage with confidence a role that is more and more critical to business growth?

This coaching program will help you gain an understanding of how important your role is in making change happen in the company.

I have been supporting HR professionals on their career journey for more than ten years: and on this page, I tell you how!


For whom is this coaching program designed?

HR Managers, HR Business Partners and HR Generalists who intend to improve their professional performance by:

  • giving efficacy to performance management processes;
  • fostering change (cultural, strategic, organizational);
  • support generating competitive advantage.


When adopt this coaching program?

When the HR department intends to empower the person involved, leveraging the knowledge and skills that he/she will develop to help manage the complexity and uncertainty of the scenarios that the organization will face.

The professional (HR Manager, HR Business Partner, HR Generalist or other), will follow a program oriented along two lines:

  • developing knowledge and skills required to improve role management;
  • supporting the successful coping with critical situations by improving resilience.

For the program to be successful, it is essential that the individual involved is determined to achieve the goals and is confident about the achievement he/she will reach working with the coach.

The coaching program can have special characteristics when:

  • it is necessary to address situations involving gender identity and equality;
  • cultural differences are crucial.


Structure and tools of the coaching program

The design of the coaching program can cover the following guidelines:

  • the coach collects from the HR department the information relevant to the design of the program and the expected outcomes;
  • coach and coachee work together to:
    • assess role awareness, strengths, and areas of improvement of the role performance;
    • identify the goals of the program;
    • define a roadmap that can help the coachee achieve his/her goals;
  • during the management of the program, the coach takes care of:
    • manage the implementation of the program;
    • support the coachee in coping with arising difficulties;
    • when useful, consult with the HR department and create the conditions for effective/efficient management of the above difficulties.

The coaching program can employ a variety of tools:

  • one-on-one sessions, usually lasting no more than 60 minutes, in person or via videoconference;
  • eLearning courses developed by the coach and aimed at accelerating learning on specific topics. The courses are attended autonomously by the coachee, in any case assisted by the coach;
  • individual work by the coachee (articles, books and films on topics related to the course);
  • exercises and role-plays helpful in coping with arising difficulties and reinforcing performance.

The primary areas on which the coaching program can focus are:

  • meaning of the role and its responsibilities;
  • aspects related to organizational functioning (conflict management, feedback, people management, motivation, goal setting, etc.);
  • techniques and tools aimed at developing competence in people;
  • performance management processes (selection interview, induction plan, performance appraisal interview, climate analysis, salary benchmarking, competence assessment, other);
  • aspects related to change management;
  • effective/efficient role management (time management, meeting management, supervisor relationship management, etc.);


The management of the coaching program

The coaching program can be conducted without interrupting ordinary activity and, thanks to the variety and effectiveness of the tools employed, has a short duration.

The languages in the coaching program may be English and Italian.

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