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People management

The training courses in this category are intended to support participants in developing the skills they need to manage their staff and help them improve their performance.

The contents are aimed at encouraging the training of managers/supervisors at all levels, as they are designed to meet specific goals in different organisational contexts.

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Improve your delegation skills

Introduction The delegation represents a critical point for managers and anyone in roles requiring interaction with a considerable number of people; this because the ability to delegate is strictly related to the performance in managing time and role responsibilities. Aims Helping participants improve the use of delegation, to enhance the performance in the management of […]

Building and managing a team

Introduction The team building activity is a process of great importance since the team is the organisational unit in which people share different knowledge, skills and experience, to achieve specific objectives. It is, therefore, of crucial importance that the team building process is guided so that the objectives are achieved efficiently. The team can have […]

Managing the performance appraisal interview

Introduction The performance management process is spreading in all type of companies, and the performance appraisal interview has become a crucial moment in the HR process management: the performance appraisal interview is today an essential moment in the performance management process and is vital to help staff improve their performance. Therefore, this course is a […]

Enhancing motivation drivers for achieving goals

Why a course on motivation? Let me ask you a few questions: What motivates people? Why do we do one thing rather than another? Is money the most appealing motivation driver? What relationship is there between needs and motivation? What tools should we use to increase motivation? Is it possible to motivate people? This e-learning […]