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Sales and negotiation

The training courses in this category are aimed at encouraging the development of skills essential to the management of sales processes, salesforce and commercial negotiations.

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Successful Sales Negotiations

Introduction Sales negotiation is essential in achieving tangible results and increase turnover. Sales staff, managers and entrepreneurs are involved in negotiations in which mastering the proper techniques and employing the appropriate negotiating style help achieve the desired results. Aims Address issues related to negotiation models in which the price is perceived as the primary variable, […]

Emotions and empathy: assets to achieve sales targets

Introduction We are not sufficiently aware that emotions are a fundamental driver in managing the relationship with the customer and the business in general. Managing emotions is crucial for salespeople because emotions can support: building new business relationships; strengthening existing ones; enhancing sales performance. Aims The course is designed to help salespeople increase their ability […]

Design and manage a sales force in a B2B market

Introduction When a company faces uncertain or recessive market conditions, a motivated and well-structured sales force is a fundamental element for its competitiveness and, probably, its survival. Designing the structure, recruiting staff, and managing a sales force able to contribute to the company’s competitive advantage requires knowledge and experience which are not easy to find […]