E-learning - Teaching method

The tibicon e-learning courses are born with an ambitious purpose:

make the training experience in e-learning
as close as possible to that you can live in the classroom,
to offer you a unique learning experience.

During each course, Arduino (the teacher) and Arabella (his assistant) will guide you to discover the contents.

Here are the main features of the courses:

  • they are designed to be a pleasure for the people who choose to attend;
  • video clips, cartoon strips, quizzes and exercises will make your study engaging and enjoyable;
  • you will be able to learn on your own subjects that are essential for your professional growth;
  • they are designed to help you discover aspects that are relevant to your personal and professional growth;
  • the courses include different sections, and you can study even when you only have 15 minutes: you will automatically pick up where you left off;
  • the teaching method is the same that Arduino has successfully tested in the classroom;
  • you can talk to the teacher to ask questions and discuss specific topics;
  • you will have a lot of learning material, that you can download for future use;
  • at the end of the course, you will download a certificate of attendance, once you pass the final test.

The tibicon e-learning courses can be used to meet specific needs:

  • training programmes entirely managed in e-learning mode;
  • blended training courses (e-learning plus classroom sessions);
  • individual, group and organisational coaching programmes;
  • to give efficiency/effectiveness to a training programme, reaching your goals in less time.

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