Teaching method

The teaching method is a crucial element in the design of a training course, whether managed in the classroom or blended form.

  • Do you know? I thought I was bored, but time flew away.
  • And I enjoyed it!

These are the words I often hear at the end of a training course.

Surprising? Not exactly.

When people do not have a genuine interest in the subject matter, that is when they are forced to participate, they approach the training course like a punishment.

For this reason, I am aware that boredom represents my enemy and the involvement of the participants is an essential element for learning and the success of the training course.

The teaching method of a training course in the classroom or with a blended formula follows specific guidelines:

  • it is designed to favour a complete immersion in the matter and the individual experience;
  • the topics are NOT “explained” to the participants, inviting them to follow well-defined guidelines;
  • people personally manage different situations through exercises and video clips that reproduce moments like those they face in everyday life;
  • the participants can reflect on the behaviour to take, taking an attitude that comes from an autonomous decision and not from a prescription;
  • exercises, role plays and simulations are co-designed with the Client, take inspiration from real situations to place themselves in the organisational and strategic context of the organisation;
  • the video clips can be made from movies or created by me, to reproduce specific situations;
  • I design and produce the cartoon strips;
  • the courses are taught in English in Italian and can be designed to meet the needs of people from different countries and cultures.

For the entire duration of the course, we provide participants with assistance during the study, carried out by discussion group, with the possibility to discuss specific topics, with other participants and individually.

The teaching method that guides the design of e-learning courses follows the same strategy and they are essential in the coaching programmes and blended training: click here to learn more.

At the end of all training courses (in the classroom or blended), you will take an online test, after which you can download the certificate of attendance.

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