Corporate Coaching

In this category, you find coaching programs designed to improve organizational functioning, and skill development aiming at the creation/consolidation of competitive advantage.

The organizational coaching programs listed below, very different from each other, are representative of the ones I co-designed and implemented over time.

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Organizational Coaching

What is organizational coaching? Search engines can provide a variety of answers. I have defined by this the coaching service that the HR Department offers to the employees with the aim of: Contribute to personal well-being in the workplace; Strengthen people’s resilience; Support the employees in dealing with critical situations (e.g., conflict with the boss/colleagues […]

Managing innovation projects - Organisational coaching

Purpose of the coaching programme This coaching programme aims to support the management of innovation projects, helping to transform innovative thinking from individual characteristic to organizational competence. This programme requires not less than six months and includes group sessions of different duration and individual sessions. The programme unfolds along the following lines: remove the myth […]

Managing organisational conflict - Team coaching

What is that? This coaching programme is designed towards people belonging to different teams, departments or organisational units who experience conflict situations, that negatively impact their performance. When to employ it? Different types of organisations can adopt this coaching programme; in all cases, they intend to reinforce the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and pursue […]

Key Account Management & Planning (KAMP) – Organizational Coaching

Introduction This coaching programme is aimed at supporting the organisation in adopting a Key Account Management model that must inevitably be adapted to the Client’s context: see below the general lines. The KAMP (Key Account Management & Planning) is a model designed by tibicon to support to the overall management of the customer portfolio. The […]