Coaching - Sales

On this page, you will find coaching programmes I design for sales professionals, sales teams or organisations that need to develop skills aimed at improving their performance in managing sales processes and in business negotiation: the titles presented below can give you an overview.
For over 20 years I have been supporting my Clients in their efforts to improve business management, capitalizing on solid sales and negotiation experience gained as a manager and as a business coach.


Coaching programmes for salespeople

Projects such as the following are co-designed with the Client and require the coach to possess solid subject matter expertise; the use of a wide variety of tools (e.g. eLearning courses, classroom/videoconference training sessions, books, films, articles and custom-designed exercises) allows the programmes to have a limited duration.

A common feature of all coaching programmes is the continuity of interaction between the participants and the coach within a private forum, which aims to encourage communication and content sharing.

All programmes are managed without interrupting the ordinary activity.

Here are some examples: click on the title and discover the contents.


Sales Team coaching – Business to Business (B2B)

What is that? The coaching programme is designed for a team of salespeople who work in a company whose transactions in the market are mainly Business to Business (B2B); this programme can be adopted in various markets. In general, the company who employs this programme intends to improve the performance of its sales force pursuing […]

Developing sales negotiation skills - Team coaching

Who might be interested in this coaching programme? Sales/business manager who have ongoing relationships with customers or business partners, salespeople who are responsible for managing key accounts or a customer portfolio which is relevant to the corporate mission. Aims Encourage the acquisition/strengthening of skills related to effective communication, with a focus on sales negotiations: Learning […]

Key Account Management & Planning (KAMP) – Organisational Coaching

Introduction This coaching programme is aimed at supporting the organisation in adopting a Key Account Management model that must inevitably be adapted to the Client’s context: see below the general lines. The KAMP (Key Account Management & Planning) is a model designed by tibicon to support to the overall management of the customer portfolio. The […]

Structuring and managing sales processes

Introduction   The client is a ceramic tiles company that manufactures and sells its products around the world: the general lines of this coaching project can be adopted in different business contexts. The sales organization is structured as follows: three sales managers coordinating sales activities in three continental areas and reporting to the General Manager; […]