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Effective thinking

The training courses in this category aim to improve the ability to think effectively, enhancing performance in managing a role and its responsibilities.

Effective thinking is the kind of thinking we use in complex processes, such as problem-solving and decision making, that require intentional commitment.

It is the type of thinking that leads to the result and requires conscious effort, commitment, initiative, independence.

Cognitive flexibility, critical thinking and the ability to prevent cognitive errors contribute substantially to build effective thinking; these drivers can improve individual creativity and dispel the myth that considers it a gift.

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Tools and methods for developing critical thinking

Introduction Critical thinking helps you face challenging situations so that you can significantly increase the possibility of reaching your objectives and reduces the chance of falling into the trap of false information. In a world in which the quantity of information significantly exceeds the amount we need in our day to day personal and professional […]

Learn and use creative thinking

Introduction Are you born creative, or do you become creative? Is the widespread belief true that creativity is a talent given to us by mother nature?  Can we learn to be creative by acquiring specific techniques and using suitable tools?  We will discover this together in this training course. Presentation of the course Creativity is […]

Learn and use cognitive flexibility

Introduction Cognitive flexibility is a complex skill that makes it possible to analyse reality and reinterpret it, understanding a previously unknown structure and facing it in a new, unconventional manner. Developing cognitive flexibility means acquiring techniques for communicating and managing complexities that allow people to increase the probability of successfully facing even the most problematic […]

Tools and methods for preventing cognitive errors (bias)

Introduction Did you know that our decisions and perceptions are influenced by systematic errors that we make inadvertently? Here is a course that will help you discover and avoid them! Presentation Cognitive errors, or cognitive distortions, are errors that we make inadvertently and automatically when evaluating situations and when making the decisions to face them: […]