On this page, you can find the coaching programmes we design and provide to individuals (also private), groups and organisations.

Tibi-coaching employes a variety of tools:

  • coaching sessions (also via video conference);
  • e-learning courses;
  • books;
  • movies;
  • articles;
  • activities and role-play of different types.

These instruments speed up learning and promote the ability to overcome emerging difficulties by improving personal resilience, as well as to reach the desired objectives.

Why is it essential to improve resilience?

Being able to face difficult situations and reorganise your own life by pursuing challenging objectives is something that provides a decisive contribution to the balance of your life.
We can manage the coaching programmes without stopping your daily work; thanks to the multiplicity and effectiveness of the tools used, they are also of limited duration.

The coaching programmes are designed for:

  • people who want to acquire skills to improve their performance in managing their professional or managerial role;
  • professionals or managers (both middle management and executives) who wish to become more effective in their work, in concert with their organisation;
  • people who are determined to give their career a new boost by enhancing their role or changing their job;
  • people who are facing a critical moment in their work and need a solution for complex situations;
  • teams/organisations that are dealing with innovation and change projects, aimed at enhancing their competitiveness.

Some examples of coaching programmes are provided below.

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Managerial skills development - Individual coaching programme

What is that? This coaching programme is designed to help functional managers and executives, who work in organisations who want to increase the performance of their managerial structure. When to employ it? The purpose of the organisation is to support the commitment of the functional manager or the executive in improving the role performance, reducing […]

Executive coaching - Individual programme

What is that? Executive coaching is a programme designed for top managers or executives with key positions in organisations who want to improve their performance in managing the role. When to employ it? Executive coaching can be helpful in different situations: The organisation is facing substantial changes. These changes can be: strategic (i.e. the company […]

Middle manager - Individual coaching programme

What is that? This coaching programme is designed for middle managers or supervisors, who generally report to functional managers. Organisations (private or public companies, non-profit, public administration) adopt it when they intend to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the management structure over time. When to employ it? The purpose of the organisation is to […]

Sales Team coaching – Business to Business (B2B)

What is that? The coaching programme is designed for a team of salespeople who work in a company whose transactions in the market are mainly Business to Business (B2B); this programme can be adopted in various markets. In general, the company who employs this programme intends to improve the performance of its sales force pursuing […]

Managing innovation projects - Organisational coaching

Purpose of the coaching programme This coaching programme aims to support the management of innovation projects, helping to transform innovative thinking from individual characteristic to organizational competence. This programme requires not less than six months and includes group sessions of different duration and individual sessions. The programme unfolds along the following lines: remove the myth […]

The handover generation - Organisational coaching

Introduction The purpose of this coaching course is to support the CEO and owner of the company in the management of the handover generation. The customer is a medium-sized company that has a leading position in the reference market: even though they produce profits regularly, the management has substantial room for improvement. The company is […]

Competence assessment - HR coaching

What is that? Competence assessment is an increasingly used tool that helps to assess the level of mastery of specific knowledge or skills, needed to manage a particular company role/team/function or project/process. It usually involves three types of players: The Human Resources function; The corporate function (one or more) in which the persons involved in […]

Managerial skills development – Private, individual coaching programme

What is that? This type of coaching programme is designed for middle, functional or top managers who are determined to develop managerial skills to improve their professional performance and to give a new boost to their career. When to employ it? Middle, functional and top managers can decide to work on their managerial skills without […]

Developing sales negotiation skills - Team coaching

Who might be interested in this coaching programme? Sales/business manager who have ongoing relationships with customers or business partners, salespeople who are responsible for managing key accounts or a customer portfolio which is relevant to the corporate mission. Aims Encourage the acquisition/strengthening of skills related to effective communication, with a focus on sales negotiations: Learning […]

Personal and professional development - Private, individual coaching programme

What is that? This type of coaching programme is designed for people who want to develop specific skills to improve their performance in managing their responsibilities: project managers, researchers, managers, designers, controllers, professionals of a different kind are only some of the roles that may be interested. The programme can be modulated according to the […]