Middle manager - Individual coaching programme

What is that?

This coaching programme is designed for middle managers or supervisors, who generally report to functional managers. Organizations (private or public companies, non-profit, public administration) adopt it when they intend to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the management structure over time.

When to employ it?

The purpose of the organisation is to support the commitment of the middle manager or supervisor in improving the role performance, reducing organisational vulnerability and improving overall the quality of management.
Frequently, the organisation offers more people the opportunity to follow a coaching programme, to improve the performance also of people whom he works with.
For the programme to be successful, it is essential that the coachee is determined to achieve the goals and is confident about the work with the coach.

Structure and tools

The structure of the coaching programme can be developed according to the following guidelines:

  • the coach collects information useful for designing the plan and the expected results from the sponsor of the coaching programme (HR Department, General Manager, Managing Director, other);
  • the coach and coachee work together to:
    • appraise the awareness of the role, strengths and areas of improvement;
    • identify the performance objectives;
    • define a plan able to help the coachee reach the goals (6-12 months usually);
  • during the program, the coach will take care of:
    • managing the implementation;
    • supporting the coachee in overcoming emerging difficulties;
    • maintaining contacts with the manager to whom the coachee reports.

The executive coaching programme can rely on different tools:

  • coaching sessions, which usually do not last longer than 60 minutes, also in a video conference (one every 1-3 weeks);
  • e-learning courses developed by the coach to help learn specific topics faster (the coachee studies autonomously);
  • individual work by the coachee, which can consist in reading articles, books and watching films concerning matters related to the programme;
  • exercises and simulations or role play, useful for overcoming emerging difficulties or reinforcing satisfactory performance.

The coaching programme is usually related to the following areas:

  • meaning and responsibility of management;
  • improve staff performance;
  • development of soft and hard skills in staff members;
  • enhancing motivation drivers;
  • delegation;
  • time management;
  • meeting management;
  • personal and organisational conflict management;
  • management of the relationship with the boss, stakeholders, top management;
  • more.

The coaching programme does not require to stop ordinary activities and, thanks to the effectiveness of the tools used, it is of a moderate length.

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