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When concealment is (almost…) everything

The 36 stratagems - 30st - Turning the guest into the host

2022 July 03 | by Arduino Mancini Stratagems to succeed

The stratagem I’m going to present to you is from the book The 36 stratagems, a Chinese masterpiece that can be of interest to anyone involved in conflict situations: in business, politics and private life.   Literal translation Take advantage of the gap to intervene, and find ways to control the enemy’s key points, which must […]

Don't know the answer? Don't worry, Montaigne will help you!

What is the difference between a skilled person and an ear of wheat?

2022 June 29 | by Arduino Mancini Training and development

Now tell me: do you think Montaigne is right?

Don’t you think so?

It is always so easy to delegate... upwards!

2022 June 15 | by Arduino Mancini Delegation

Delegation is something very strange. Leaders are trying desperately to learn how to delegate and better manage their time, while their staff are real experts at delegating their responsibilities to the boss. Here is an example. Charles is about to enter the elevator when Mario, one of his staff, stops him. “Good morning, Boss. Do […]