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Find out why a knife is not necessarily used to hurt

THE 36 STRATAGEMS - 10 - Hide a knife behind a smile

2022 August 10 | by Arduino Mancini Senza categoria - Stratagems to succeed

The stratagem I’m going to present to you is from the book The 36 stratagems, a Chinese masterpiece that can be of interest to anyone involved in conflict situations: in business, politics and private life.   Literal translation Try to convince the enemy that we are friendly, so that they would let down their guard; in […]

I tell you confidentially…

Here's something that scares me!

2022 August 10 | by Arduino Mancini Effective communication - Quotes

Some time ago I came across one of the Schegge, articles written in 1971 by Giovanni Papini, a controversial Italian intellectual, for Il Corriere della Sera. Listen to this. Some say nothing but say it well. Others say a lot but say it badly. The worst are those who say nothing and say it badly. […]

A lot: in this cartoon strip I tell you why!

How much is ignorance worth?

2022 July 21 | by Arduino Mancini Effective thinking

I don’t think I need to add something. Do you?