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Here is what you can do to lower the chance of doing silly things...

Why does stupidity never rest?

2024 May 28 | by Arduino Mancini Heuristics and biases

Momma says stupid is as stupid does. This is what used to say Forrest Gump in the homonymous film, meaning by this that stupidity is not so much a people attribute but a characteristic of human behaviour. In short, even smart people do stupid things: the good news is that they also can benefit from […]

This seems it happened a few years ago in Belarus. Want to know more?

Can a fox shoot the hunter?

2024 May 14 | by Arduino Mancini Training and development

A few years ago, the news agencies beat out a surprising story: a fox shot the hunter and sent him to the hospital. The facts. In the Grodno region of Belarus, a hunter shot a fox, only succeeding in wounding it. After shooting the fox, the man approached it trying to immobilize and kill it with […]

Yes, it does. Look at the cartoon strip!

Does uncovering "the game" helps stop "playing"?

2024 May 01 | by Arduino Mancini Managing meetings

Yes, stating what you think about specific situations in meetings can be ” unpleasant” or even damage relationships. What to do then? A rather popular route is to hold informal meetings “later”, spilling the beans with the boss, who may like to receive “confidential” information, or colleagues we know are on our side. Best at […]