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Here's when thinking before acting can prove useful...

What should you know before lying?

2023 November 28 | by Arduino Mancini Effective communication

There are two kinds of lies: the unconscious ones and those that are built to provide a falsified version of facts and circumstances. Today I want to tell you about the second ones, beginning with the definition of a lie. A lie is a statement that does not correspond to facts and circumstances made to […]

An inspiring quote

Don't forget they don't forget...

2023 October 31 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs - Quotes

The cartoon strip is freely inspired by a quote from poet Maya Angelou. A thought that reminds us that kindness, respect for people and empathy add quality to the building of personal relationships and the lives of each of us. Things that people with business management responsibilities should also remember. What do you think?

How many times did they tell you?

I told you so!

2023 October 24 | by Arduino Mancini Heuristics and biases - Reprimand Praise feedback

How many times have you felt subtle disappointment or even anger when someone said, “I told you so”? Yes, because the person who says “I told you so…” gives you the feeling to be sure to have correctly interpreted a particular situation, predicting its development; as you obviously did not. You, of what was happening, […]