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The philosopher Jean de la Bruyère explains. In one sentence!

What makes people fall from their pedestal?

2024 March 19 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Quotes

I have wondered many times if there is a common thread among the people to whom I have seen lose power and/or prestige. Complex analysis, I told myself. Then, this morning, I came across a thought by Jean de la Bruyère, which I think will help indeed. Listen to this. You see men falling from […]

A not-so-uncommon specimen...

Do you know the manager... penguin?

2024 February 20 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Stratagems to succeed

Watch this short clip, which is quite common on the Web.       The penguin who would like to jump into the water but hesitates: he searches for the most suitable spot, several times he is on the point of jumping but then changes his mind. Finally, after much hesitation, he jumps in, raising […]

Here are 5 clues that will help you!

Would you be able to identify a micromanager?

2023 October 18 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Senza categoria

Do you know what micromanagement is? It is a management style by which a manager closely monitors the performance of staff members, going into the smallest details. Like what happens in the cartoon, where I depicted the explosive mixture of micromanagement and short memory. Are there specific behaviours or situations that allow us to identify […]

Because in most cases they are parvenus! Want to know more?

Why do so many men in power men appear so inadequate?

2023 September 20 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Quotes

Who is a parvenu? Dictionaries agree to define it as a person who has acquired a superior economic and social status without adapting to the manners of the new context. In most countries the man in power, who inevitably aspires to charismatic leadership, is too often a parvenu. We can define him as a person who […]

An enlightening video will help us answer this question!

How to cope with a toxic person, in a company?

2023 June 28 | by Arduino Mancini Heuristics and biases - Leadership - Selection Interview

Recently a colleague, who works primarily for companies in perpetual search of talent, was puzzled by the content of this video and asked me what I thought about it. After watching it carefully, I realized that Simon Sinek, the author, had in two minutes challenged many of his beliefs about recruitment: beliefs that with my […]

... and how to fight it!


2023 April 19 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Sport

When we have failed to achieve a goal or, more generally, our performance has not matched expectations, we can come up with excuses, seek justifications and attribute the failure to forces or situations beyond our control. “It’s not my fault” becomes a way to leave self-esteem intact and preclude any analysis that would help improve […]

I present them in this post. To find out they are not male-exclusive!


2022 November 10 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership

Let’s face it honestly: many people, male or female, dream to develop traits that bring them closer to a charismatic leader. A leader who, obviously a man, appears naturally equipped to lead groups, organizations or even states with broad consensus; one who always knows where to go and for that reason, many find it comfortable […]

Effective leadership
Effective leadership

When is a leader really able to guide people?

2022 April 14 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership

Want to know what I think? I believe that whoever is responsible for leading people must be able to see beyond the horizon. What do YOU think? If you are interested in developing your leadership skills you can click on the following links: The foundation of leadership Leadership development program

Why guilt is essential to the organization's functioning!


2022 January 18 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Survival Tactics

I must confess that I’m fond of guilt. Do you think I’m prey to one of my usual irony attacks? Well, you’re wrong: give me a few lines and you’ll see. The word “guilt” is among the most recurrent and permeates all our lives: it accompanies the healthy and comfortable habit of judging people. Guilt […]

Something to remember when moving up in your career

When it is more important to be kind?

2021 November 10 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership

Is the quote in the cartoon strip mine? Unfortunately, not! It is from American entrepreneur and playwright Wilson Mizner: he had written it on a board in the Rand Hotel in New York, that he managed. Words that should be remembered by all the people in the upward stage of their career. Don’t you think?