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The fourth one will surprise you!

Three good rules for managing the boss. Plus one!

2024 February 06 | by Arduino Mancini Survival Tactics

If you struggle to manage the relationship with your boss, if his/her pressing demands make your life difficult, the following lines will probably help you. It happens quite frequently that bosses are under pressure, and they are anxiously seeking performance marked by enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. And it also happens that their anxieties and urgencies […]

Here is a strategy for dealing with the desire to work too hard!


2023 March 08 | by Arduino Mancini Stories - Survival Tactics

On vacation, my mood plummets dramatically. Everything bores me. I must pretend to have fun and not ruin my wife’s and children’s vacation. I miss work, which I am passionate about, while the day at the beach seems meaningless, and not restful at all. As soon as I can, I escape to the city, to […]

We present it to you in this post. Me and... Honoré de Balzac!

Identikit of a flatterer

2022 November 30 | by Arduino Mancini Quotes - Survival Tactics

We can define a flatterer as one who praises a person exceedingly with exaggerated wording and behaviours, to appear pleasant and/or be accepted, exploiting his/her vanity and gaining his/her favours. Sounds too much? Listen to Honoré de Balzac. Flattery never comes from big souls; it is the domain of small spirits, who make themselves even […]

Do you finally want to learn how to value your work?

Mario and the 12 golden rules of the hard worker!

2022 March 09 | by Arduino Mancini Survival Tactics

Tell me, Mario, do you know how to make the most of your work? Do you know how to ensure that your boss, colleagues and staff members have a realistic idea of the amount of work you do every day? If you are not completely confident, it may be useful for you to follow a […]

Why guilt is essential to the organization's functioning!


2022 January 18 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Survival Tactics

I must confess that I’m fond of guilt. Do you think I’m prey to one of my usual irony attacks? Well, you’re wrong: give me a few lines and you’ll see. The word “guilt” is among the most recurrent and permeates all our lives: it accompanies the healthy and comfortable habit of judging people. Guilt […]

Three good reasons for sharing your knowledge!

I know, but I'm not going to tell you...

2021 December 12 | by Arduino Mancini Survival Tactics

I keep my knowledge for myself. Because if I tell you, you might take my place. Or replace me. So, why should I share what I’ve learned so far? This way of thinking, whether silent or evident, is quite common in organizations. However, people trying to protect their knowledge from the “competition” of bosses, colleagues […]

Five uncomfortable questions for you! Plus one...

If you were to run for your current role, would you get it?

2021 November 24 | by Arduino Mancini Salary raise - Survival Tactics

Working with companies as a business coach, I often notice a lack of awareness in people regarding some key issues: the scope of the role they manage and their responsibilities; the value they add to the performance of the organization; the need to update and develop their knowledge and make it available to the company. […]

An extremely dangerous strategy...

Is it worth getting a salary raise by bluffing?

2021 November 03 | by Arduino Mancini Salary raise - Survival Tactics

I’ve recently collected several stories that sound like the one I’m going to share with you today. The employee is commonly 30 to 40 years old and has a good position in the company. Usually, the people concerned have a technical or commercial profile and are in that grey area where salaries, even when in […]

Sure, and in this post I'll tell you why!


2021 October 27 | by Arduino Mancini Survival Tactics

Talking behind your colleagues’ backs has more benefits than drawbacks. Don’t agree? I’ll share my reasons right now. Imagine that you are in a rather common situation in which a colleague of yours has done something stupid: one of those things that you would never do, not even by accident. Want an example? Well, completely […]

When fortune may be confused with competence

Better to be good or lucky?

2021 September 16 | by Arduino Mancini Survival Tactics - Training and development

There is a widespread tendency to seek shortcuts to success: the TV appearance and the lottery ticket often replace a serious skill-building plan. But what happens when, especially in business, fortune is mistaken for competence? Nothing wrong with that, actually! However, it is important to be aware of one’s own ability to manage the business […]