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How many kinds of salespeople have you met so far?

2022 October 20 | by Arduino Mancini Sales - Selection Interview

Lately, a Client asked a question that scared me: Would you please arrange a sales course for us? A basic oneā€¦ Why is that question so frightening? I will tell you right now. My analysis of businesses purchasing behaviours leads to identifying no less than 7 sales professionals. Here they are: the sales-teller, the salesperson […]

Why investing in education and training is vital for our future


2022 May 18 | by Arduino Mancini Change management - Selection Interview

What is the link among job, salary, and fear of the void? Let’s see it together. In a 1960 study, US psychologists Eleanor J. Gibson and Richard D. Walk wanted to gather information about infants’ perception of emptiness. To achieve their goal, they used the visual cliff (see the picture), a tool designed to give […]

A simple question can be of great help!

How can you avoid mistakes in staff selection?

2022 February 03 | by Arduino Mancini Selection Interview

What do you think? Can this question help reduce mistakes in people’ selection? If you think you can improve in the staff selection, maybe the training course Effectively manage a personnel selection interview can help you.