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Why is discount more important than price?

2024 April 26 | by Arduino Mancini Negotiation - Sales

Do you find the cartoon funny? Let me tell you something confidentially. A while ago I picked up the vent of a talented purchasing professional who came across the situation I described. I wish I could tell you that it is all a result of my imagination, but I would be lying. Everything is sadly […]

Hard task, like grasping a frying pan without handles!

How to ask for a salary raise?

2022 April 26 | by Arduino Mancini Negotiation - Salary raise

What you see in the cartoon strip is a situation I experienced when I was working as a sales manager. Periodically I was challenged by a salesman who, despite his rather questionable performance, kept asking for salary raises. Want to know if he ended up accepting the challenge? No, he didn’t; and he stopped bothering […]

How not to come out battered from a positional negotiation?

The 7 behaviours that slam you in the price corner

2021 June 04 | by Arduino Mancini Negotiation

The positional negotiation focused on price follows a dynamic quite similar to the one represented in the cartoon. Under what circumstances does it arise? Two people, seller and buyer, confront each other to exchange a product (physical or not) for money: the value at which the exchange takes place is fixed through subsequent positions taken […]

Do it and see what happens

How to manage objections? Seven things (not) to do

2021 March 29 | by Arduino Mancini Effective communication - Negotiation

Do you find the scene in the cartoon strip completely new? Good for you! The situation is quite common, mainly because dealing with objections is complicated: they often hit us like a punch in the stomach. The temptation to shift the responsibility onto others is always lurking… The circumstances in which we have to deal […]