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Have you ever heard about the Male-Female?

2024 April 02 | by Arduino Mancini Diversity

Some time ago I read an editorial by the Italian journalist and TV anchor Massimo Gramellini about the Male-Female, a type of man that he defines as a “pioneer of evolution who tries to reconcile the characteristics of the ideal male — calmness, energy, responsibility — with kindness of manner and a desire to isolate […]

... and give the glass ceiling a serious blow!

Five must-read books to celebrate March the 8th

2023 March 08 | by Arduino Mancini Diversity

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. This a good opportunity to think about the factors that hinder gender equality in the workplace and limit the presence of women in management positions. How? With five best sellers that help break the glass ceiling. Here are the titles: click on the link and go to the book […]

Or would a man do better?

If you had € 10000 to invest, would you entrust them to a woman?

2021 July 19 | by Arduino Mancini Diversity - Leadership

Would you feel more confident if your investments were managed by a man or a woman? The money manager is a job that has traditionally seen men at the forefront, but it seems that women are more successful: they achieve better performance over time and take lower risks. That’s what comes out from Lou Ann […]

Yes! Because if you smile, you can't be a leader...

Want to make a career? Stop smiling!

2021 May 11 | by Arduino Mancini Diversity - Heuristics and biases - Leadership

No, if you are a woman you can’t be a leader! You don’t believe that? This article will change your mind. Researchers at the Technische Universitaet in Munich conducted a study (started in January 2011 and concluded in 2014) entitled “Selection and Assessment of Leaders in Business and Academia“, aimed at examining how leaders in […]