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Or would a man do better?

If you had € 10000 to invest, would you entrust them to a woman?

2021 July 19 | by Arduino Mancini Diversity - Leadership

Would you feel more confident if your investments were managed by a man or a woman? The money manager is a job that has traditionally seen men at the forefront, but it seems that women are more successful: they achieve better performance over time and take lower risks. That’s what comes out from Lou Ann […]

Yes! Because if you smile, you can't be a leader...

Want to make a career? Stop smiling!

2021 May 11 | by Arduino Mancini Diversity - Heuristics and biases - Leadership

No, if you are a woman you can’t be a leader! You don’t believe that? This article will change your mind. Researchers at the Technische Universitaet in Munich conducted a study (started in January 2011 and concluded in 2014) entitled “Selection and Assessment of Leaders in Business and Academia“, aimed at examining how leaders in […]