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Antoine de Eaint-Exupéry, writer and aviator, explains it in a few words.

Leadership, vision and motivation: what do they have in common?

2024 January 30 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs - Quotes

Among the most common difficulties that leaders face in business is to inspire in people the motivation to pursue the desired goals: this is what leadership is all about. Why is this so difficult? Why do people, instead of “pushing” for results, seem to wish to be “pulled”? A not-so-well-known (and used) tool is the […]

An inspiring quote

Don't forget they don't forget...

2023 October 31 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs - Quotes

The cartoon strip is freely inspired by a quote from poet Maya Angelou. A thought that reminds us that kindness, respect for people and empathy add quality to the building of personal relationships and the lives of each of us. Things that people with business management responsibilities should also remember. What do you think?

Want to know why?

Make me feel important!

2023 July 20 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs - Quotes

People’s motivation at work is highly dependent on how they feel about managing their roles. Listen to what American entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash has to say about this. Everyone has an invisible sign hanging around their neck that says, Make me feel important! Never forget this message when working with people. Whether we are aware […]

Let me tell you why on leadership I have a different view!

Charismatic leadership? No, thank you...

2021 June 12 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Motivation and needs

It seems that being, or becoming, a charismatic leader represents a desirable goal. In fact, it is quite common to define “charismatic” as a person who shows particular efficacy in leading people, groups, companies, or even nations. But what does it mean, to be a charismatic leader? Well, my friends, the word charisma turns out […]

This post will surprise you!

What is more important, being talented or well prepared?

2021 May 31 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs - Training and development

There is a widespread perception that highly talented people may not work hard to get results; or even not work at all. Is this true? Is it always true? Now let me tell you something that, at least partially, surprised me. In the early 1990s, psychologist K. Andeers Ericsson and two colleagues completed a research […]

Why motivation is crucial for developing competence

What is the link between motivation and competence?

2021 May 14 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs

Let’s go through an exercise. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Now write your definition of the concept of competence: What is it? How would you explain it to someone who has no idea of what it might be? Can you describe it as easily as you talk about it? Try it for […]

The answer is in the change equation

Why is it so hard to change?

2021 March 29 | by Arduino Mancini Change management - Motivation and needs

It happens pretty often that we want to generate a change in a problematic situation, and the reasons can be the most diverse, personal or professional. Changing jobs, buying a house, changing cars, quitting smoking, managing time differently, changing partners, changing business strategy, having a child, making a significant investment. The above are situations that […]

A difficult question

What are the links between complaining and working?

2019 August 22 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs - Stories

My experience tells me that there is a clear correlation between the level of complaint and the level of commitment to work. The greater a person’s tendency to complain, the less they are committed to overcoming difficulties and – above all – the less they manage to develop an effective strategy to achieve objectives. In […]

Is objective assignment a waste of time?

Work... with or without an objective?

2019 August 01 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs

I’ve been working as a consultant for 10 years now, and I think I have gained quite some experience on how (especially small and medium-sized) organizations and employees deal with business management. To plan or not to plan a budget? And what about objectives? Should we assign them, especially to the sales force, or is […]

From my colleague and friend Rosario Rizzo

When your motivation is locked up in a drawer!

2019 July 21 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs - Stories

I received this post from my colleague Rosario Rizzo, and I’m happy to share it. A few days ago, I was in a classroom with Arduino, attending his course on sales management. We were talking about how to incentivize sales people and about their career within the company, when I remembered something that had happened […]