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Don’t you think so?

It is always so easy to delegate... upwards!

2022 June 15 | by Arduino Mancini Delegation

Delegation is something very strange. Leaders are trying desperately to learn how to delegate and better manage their time, while their staff are real experts at delegating their responsibilities to the boss. Here is an example. Charles is about to enter the elevator when Mario, one of his staff, stops him. “Good morning, Boss. Do […]

Ten good reasons why managers work harder than they should

Why is it so hard to delegate?

2021 September 26 | by Arduino Mancini Delegation

In the many (sig!) years I worked with companies, as a manager and/or as a business coach, I noticed that too often bosses work more than their staff: even much more! Are managers aware of this situation? In my training courses on delegation, I do my best to help participants to clarify the reasons for […]

Maybe I wasn't such a good manager...

An upward delegation I’ve always found... irresistible!

2020 January 21 | by Arduino Mancini Delegation

Now, let me confess something. What you see in the cartoon is a type of upward delegation which I never managed to eliminate, as a manager. Why? When I needed to send out a letter signed by me, I couldn’t stop myself from reading it one last time. In some (very few) cases, just on principle. […]