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We present it to you in this post. Me and... Honoré de Balzac!

Identikit of a flatterer

2022 November 30 | by Arduino Mancini Quotes - Survival Tactics

We can define a flatterer as one who praises a person exceedingly with exaggerated wording and behaviours, to appear pleasant and/or be accepted, exploiting his/her vanity and gaining his/her favours. Sounds too much? Listen to Honoré de Balzac. Flattery never comes from big souls; it is the domain of small spirits, who make themselves even […]

I tell you confidentially…

Here's something that scares me!

2022 August 10 | by Arduino Mancini Effective communication - Quotes

Some time ago I came across one of the Schegge, articles written in 1971 by Giovanni Papini, a controversial Italian intellectual, for Il Corriere della Sera. Listen to this. Some say nothing but say it well. Others say a lot but say it badly. The worst are those who say nothing and say it badly. […]

I have a question for you

Why is fake news so faster than authentic ones?

2021 June 07 | by Arduino Mancini Effective thinking - Quotes

In a famous quote Mark Twain states that… … a lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots. This one finds many echoes in everyday life, from journalism to professional information, to the extreme of calumny. Why does all of this happen? What are the aspects […]