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I am Arduino Mancini, and this is my blog.

I offer insights and training tools for people who want to develop effective thinking and improve their performance, at work and in private life.

Training, career management, glass ceiling, job search, boss and people management, critical thinking, negotiation, gender diversity are just some of the topics we will discuss: at the bottom, to the right, you find the post’s categories.

To complete the panorama of the tools at your disposal, you will find reviews of books and movies, training courses and coaching programmes for people, groups and organisations.

A characteristic of this blog?

I believe that the task of a blogger is not to dispense truth, but to leave the reader at least a doubt to be kept within his notes: and questions to share with the tibicon community.

Read from you soon!


Maybe I wasn't such a good manager...

An upward delegation I’ve always found... irresistible!

2020 January 21 | by Arduino Mancini Delegation

Now, let me confess something. What you see in the cartoon is a type of upward delegation which I never managed to eliminate, as a manager. Why? When I needed to send out a letter signed by me, I couldn’t stop myself from reading it one last time. In some (very few) cases, just on principle. […]

Which works better, in your experience?

Pat on the back or kick in the butt?

2019 September 23 | by Arduino Mancini Reprimand Praise feedback

I want to add a few comments. Which works better, in your experience? A pat on the back or a kick in the butt? If I’ve tickled your interest, you can learn more in the e-learning course Improving staff performance. Enjoy!

My first presentation as a business manager

A reprimand I’d now accept without a word!

2019 September 17 | by Arduino Mancini Reprimand Praise feedback - Stories

This scene stems from my first presentation as a business manager: the names are irrelevant. Indeed, none of those who participated in that meeting is still with the organisation, as far as I know. The presentation took place one week after I’d been hired, and it was about a strategic decision that was to entail considerable […]

Why supervisors tend to refrain from praising?

Well done, you did a good job!

2019 September 10 | by Arduino Mancini Reprimand Praise feedback

How often have you heard that? The truth is that supervisors tend to refrain from praising, for two reasons. The first is that praising is complicated and can be damaging: better hold back. No action, no mistakes, right? The second reason is that for many managers their staff are invisible: they don’t notice the people or their […]

If you don't agree, please read this post!

Reprimanding? It’s easier than praising

2019 September 04 | by Arduino Mancini Reprimand Praise feedback

Changing people’s behaviour is an art. As we already know, the reprimand is used to change undesired behaviour. And as a loyal reader of my blog, you are undoubtedly familiar with both the constructive reprimand and the destructive reprimand. But what do you do when you want to reinforce a behaviour you wholeheartedly approve? I know, of […]

Learn how to use the constructive reprimand

The courteous… reprimander!

2019 August 29 | by Arduino Mancini Reprimand Praise feedback

Who doesn’t remember a terrible reprimand for quite questionable reasons, received at some point in life by a ham-fisted boss? Not to mention how embarrassed we’ve felt when, having climbed up into the position of a boss and being fully entitled to reprimand ourselves, we’ve seen our ham-fisted reprimand meet with the astonished glance of […]

A difficult question

What are the links between complaining and working?

2019 August 22 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs - Stories

My experience tells me that there is a clear correlation between the level of complaint and the level of commitment to work. The greater a person’s tendency to complain, the less they are committed to overcoming difficulties and – above all – the less they manage to develop an effective strategy to achieve objectives. In […]

Be careful...

Sometimes praise has a price

2019 August 15 | by Arduino Mancini Reprimand Praise feedback - Stories

Some time ago I was thinking about how dangerous praise can be: I’m sure you’ll find the following story quite instructive. Goods duly delivered. Enjoy your holiday. Excellent emergency management! Congratulations. Thank you. I hope you’ll remember that when you’re approving salary raises! These text messages exchanged were in a few minutes by a manager and […]

Why is reprimanding so important?

A key quality of a leader? Being good at reprimanding!

2019 August 08 | by Arduino Mancini Reprimand Praise feedback

Want a nice career? Want to be a leader? Then you need to learn to reprimand. How? There are different styles. There’s the shouted reprimand, the whispered one, which ends with a slow exhale from the nose (“remember that I have an infallible memory …”), the one that starts with good intentions (“I have to […]

Is objective assignment a waste of time?

Work... with or without an objective?

2019 August 01 | by Arduino Mancini Motivation and needs

I’ve been working as a consultant for 10 years now, and I think I have gained quite some experience on how (especially small and medium-sized) organizations and employees deal with business management. To plan or not to plan a budget? And what about objectives? Should we assign them, especially to the sales force, or is […]