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I am Arduino Mancini, and this is my blog.

I offer insights and training tools for people who want to develop effective thinking and improve their performance, at work and in private life.

Training, career management, glass ceiling, job search, boss and people management, critical thinking, negotiation, gender diversity are just some of the topics we will discuss: at the bottom, to the right, you find the post’s categories.

To complete the panorama of the tools at your disposal, you will find reviews of books and movies, training courses and coaching programmes for people, groups and organisations.

A characteristic of this blog?

I believe that the task of a blogger is not to dispense truth, but to leave the reader at least a doubt to be kept within his notes: and questions to share with the tibicon community.

Read from you soon!

This seems it happened a few years ago in Belarus. Want to know more?

Can a fox shoot the hunter?

2024 May 14 | by Arduino Mancini Training and development

A few years ago, the news agencies beat out a surprising story: a fox shot the hunter and sent him to the hospital. The facts. In the Grodno region of Belarus, a hunter shot a fox, only succeeding in wounding it. After shooting the fox, the man approached it trying to immobilize and kill it with […]

Yes, it does. Look at the cartoon strip!

Does uncovering "the game" helps stop "playing"?

2024 May 01 | by Arduino Mancini Managing meetings

Yes, stating what you think about specific situations in meetings can be ” unpleasant” or even damage relationships. What to do then? A rather popular route is to hold informal meetings “later”, spilling the beans with the boss, who may like to receive “confidential” information, or colleagues we know are on our side. Best at […]

In this post, you can find my answer!

Why is discount more important than price?

2024 April 26 | by Arduino Mancini Negotiation - Sales

Do you find the cartoon funny? Let me tell you something confidentially. A while ago I picked up the vent of a talented purchasing professional who came across the situation I described. I wish I could tell you that it is all a result of my imagination, but I would be lying. Everything is sadly […]

Here is why many people give up career opportunities...

You cannot fall from the floor. Is that true?

2024 April 26 | by Arduino Mancini Resilience - Survival Tactics

There are people who, to avoid taking risks, give up their careers. I just wanted to ask you this: do you think this behaviour makes sense? Does giving up a career actually lead to greater job security? Or, on the contrary, is it possible to fall even staying “on the floor”?

Donna Prassede will tell you why!

You should not get (too) fond of your ideas...

2024 April 24 | by Arduino Mancini Effective thinking

I will explain this by reading a passage by Alessandro Manzoni from The Betrothed. Here it is. With ideas donna Prassede behaved as they say one must do with friends: she had few; but to those few, she was very fond. Among the few, there were by misfortune many of the crooked ones; and they […]

Ethologist and Nobel Prize Konrad Lorenz has no doubts. Find out why in this post!

Does it pay to be a contrarian?

2024 April 16 | by Arduino Mancini Effective thinking - Heuristics and biases

One of the main, as well as ordinary, aspects of my work, is to define the boundaries of situations before determining the actions to be taken. When I am dealing with many, sometimes too many people, offering the same interpretation of a given situation, my mind goes to this excerpt from Konrad Lorenz, taken from […]

Here is his profile!

Have you ever heard about the Male-Female?

2024 April 02 | by Arduino Mancini Diversity

Some time ago I read an editorial by the Italian journalist and TV anchor Massimo Gramellini about the Male-Female, a type of man that he defines as a “pioneer of evolution who tries to reconcile the characteristics of the ideal male — calmness, energy, responsibility — with kindness of manner and a desire to isolate […]

The philosopher Jean de la Bruyère explains. In one sentence!

What makes people fall from their pedestal?

2024 March 19 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Quotes

I have wondered many times if there is a common thread among the people to whom I have seen lose power and/or prestige. Complex analysis, I told myself. Then, this morning, I came across a thought by Jean de la Bruyère, which I think will help indeed. Listen to this. You see men falling from […]

Shut up! And I tell you why…

Want people to find you interesting?

2024 March 06 | by Arduino Mancini Effective communication

Yes, when you are with people whose interest you want to catch, the best you can do is to keep quiet. Why? Silence, in these cases, offers some advantages: it keeps you safe from saying things that do not fit the situation; it allows you to get useful information from the very person whose attention […]

A not-so-uncommon specimen...

Do you know the manager... penguin?

2024 February 20 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Stratagems to succeed

Watch this short clip, which is quite common on the Web.       The penguin who would like to jump into the water but hesitates: he searches for the most suitable spot, several times he is on the point of jumping but then changes his mind. Finally, after much hesitation, he jumps in, raising […]