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Does uncovering "the game" helps stop "playing"?

2024 May 01 | by Arduino Mancini Managing meetings

Yes, stating what you think about specific situations in meetings can be ” unpleasant” or even damage relationships.

What to do then?

A rather popular route is to hold informal meetings “later”, spilling the beans with the boss, who may like to receive “confidential” information, or colleagues we know are on our side.

Best at the coffee machine!

The result?

Apparently good relationships and inconvenient situations that languish or absorb far more energy than they would require in a climate open to solutions.

How to cope with such situations?

No rule works all the time, but I can say that striving to steer the meeting to find solutions and discourage informal meetings afterward has given and gives me good results.


uncovering the “game” helps to “play” less:
and to make the organization work better.

What do you think?

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