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The training courses in this category are intended to foster the development of skills useful to the management of aspects that are strategic for the growth of an organization: strategic management of intellectual capital, identification of the strategic framework of the company, the management of change projects are the primary examples.

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Managing a change project

Introduction People and organisations generally claim a positive attitude towards change, formally considered an opportunity: is this the real situation? In the real world, deep-down change is perceived as something negative that gets between us and a situation which we have learned to manage. How to overcome this scenario? What to do so that people […]

Defining the company's strategic framework

Introduction How many of the following questions can you answer? What does it mean to define a business strategy? How do you define an organisation’s mission? What would you do to identify your organisation’s vision? Is it really essential to have a business strategy? What can you do to define an organisational strategy? The concepts […]

Strategic management of Intellectual Capital

Introduction The intellectual capital is the most powerful weapon of the organisation: more than the better known financial and physical assets. Like other things that can generate great results, it is not so easy to identify, and its management may be rather complicated. This course is intended to support manager, human resources specialist and knowledge […]