HR Coaching

In this category, you can find coaching programs designed for HR professionals involved in the design and management of performance management processes.

HR Managers, HR Generalists, HR Business Partners, and HR Specialists may be interested in individual and team coaching programs.

As the HR function is assuming more and more strategic importance in building competitive advantage, the design of coaching programs aimed at developing specific skills is quite common.

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Organizational Coaching

What is organizational coaching? Search engines can provide a variety of answers. I have defined by this the coaching service that the HR Department offers to the employees with the aim of: Contribute to personal well-being in the workplace; Strengthen people’s resilience; Support the employees in dealing with critical situations (e.g., conflict with the boss/colleagues […]

Coaching for HR managers - Individual program

Are you an HR professional? Do you cover an HR Manager, HR Business Partner, or HR Generalist position? Do you want to develop skills that will help you manage with confidence a role that is more and more critical to business growth? This coaching program will help you gain an understanding of how important your […]

Competence assessment - HR coaching

What is that? Competence assessment is an increasingly used tool that helps to assess the level of mastery of specific knowledge or skills, needed to manage a particular company role/team/function or project/process. It usually involves three types of players: The Human Resources function; The corporate function (one or more) in which the persons involved in […]