Organizational Coaching

What is organizational coaching?

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I have defined by this the coaching service that the HR Department offers to the employees with the aim of:

  • Contribute to personal well-being in the workplace;
  • Strengthen people’s resilience;
  • Support the employees in dealing with critical situations (e.g., conflict with the boss/colleagues or functional;
  • Contribute to the improvement of the individual’s role performance.


How does the organizational coaching service work?

The Human Resources Department entrusts a coach with the responsibility of managing the service and individual coaching sessions.

The coaching service can be organized as follows:

  • the coach reserves a weekly slot for the client (2 hours or more, varying with the size of the corporate population and the company’s goals) through a calendar;
  • the weekly space is divided into sessions lasting 30-45 minutes, which can vary with the needs;
  • the employee who is interested logs into the calendar and books his session (no more than one session per week);
  • during the session, the coach keeps notes of key emerging information from the session, to be used during any following sessions;
  • the HR Department does not have access to the calendar and names of people who have booked a coaching session.

Regularly the Resources Department will receive a report containing the following information:

  • Gender
  • No information about the identity of people attending coaching sessions;
  • Professional or supervisor
  • Corporate Function
  • The topic of the sessions, which may be for example:
    • Personal development
    • Career development
    • Individual strengths/areas for improvement
    • People management
    • Relationship with boss
    • Issues related to organizational functioning
    • Client management
    • Other


How to employ the resulting information?

The information can be employed by HR Department and top management for different purposes:

  • Gaining useful information concerning people’s involvement and sharing the company’s vision;
  • Consistently design training programs;
  • Identifying opportunities to design individual coaching programs for high-potential people;
  • Designing specific initiatives aimed at corporate welfare.

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