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Ten good reasons why managers work harder than they should

Why is it so hard to delegate?

2021 September 26 | by Arduino Mancini Delegation

In the many (sig!) years I worked with companies, as a manager and/or as a business coach, I noticed that

too often bosses work more than their staff:
even much more!

Are managers aware of this situation?

In my training courses on delegation, I do my best to help participants to clarify the reasons for this behaviour.

So, when the ice is broken, I ask the key question.

Why is it so hard to delegate?

Here are the answers I get, which I synthesise in my own words:

  1. I do it myself and I do it faster;
  2. I can’t tolerate the fear that my staff might make mistakes;
  3. when a member of my team has a problem, I do my best to solve it. What’s wrong with this?
  4. I know I make a significant contribution to the company. I feel important!
  5. I don’t trust my staff member, he is not skilled enough;
  6. I make it clear that I cannot be replaced;
  7. doing it by myself is easier than managing other people’s work;
  8. taking over responsibility is easier than leaving it to others;
  9. I show everybody how skilled I am. More than my staff!
  10. I am afraid that my staff member may prove to be better than me (you have seen how hard he works, haven’t you?).

Would you like to add some?

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