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Have you ever heard about the Male-Female?

2024 April 02 | by Arduino Mancini Diversity

Some time ago I read an editorial by the Italian journalist and TV anchor Massimo Gramellini about the Male-Female, a type of man that he defines as a “pioneer of evolution who tries to reconcile the characteristics of the ideal male — calmness, energy, responsibility — with kindness of manner and a desire to isolate himself from any hassle.

A generic definition that the rest of the article didn’t help clarify.

But I found the concept of Male-Female intriguing because it is consistent with an evolving “male” figure, struggling to manage the relationship with an ever increasingly emancipated “female” who is less willing to live a subordinate life.

Thus, I wanted to give a not-so-generic definition of it and identify some characteristics.

Here is the result of my reflections.

The Male-Female combines traits usually thought to be masculine,
such as energy, strength, and a sense of responsibility,
with the ability to understand emotions and feelings of the female universe,
living a genuinely equal couple relationship.

What are the main characteristics of Male-Female? Here are the first that come to my mind:

  1. He does not beat his wife/partner;
  2. He does not think of beating his wife/partner;
  3. He pees sitting down;
  4. He apologizes when he happens to be rude;
  5. He does not feel like a failure if his wife/partner earns more than him;
  6. Considers taking paternity leave;
  7. He gets upset if people look at him like Superman when he is ironing a shirt or vacuuming;
  8. He does not think “she had it coming” when a woman is harassed, raped or killed;
  9. He listens when his wife/partner is feeling down, without giving advice or giving up a hug;
  10. He tries to make vacations genuine vacations, taking his brains with him;
  11. He tends not to overestimate his sexual performance;
  12. Does not feel uncomfortable with the boss is a woman;
  13. He is not afraid of crying.

Now I have some questions for you:

  • What do you think about the male-female?
  • How much do you identify with the male-female if you are a man?
  • How many male-female have you met in your life?
  • Would you like to suggest any other characteristics?
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