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Do you finally want to learn how to value your work?

Mario and the 12 golden rules of the hard worker!

2022 March 09 | by Arduino Mancini Survival Tactics

Tell me, Mario, do you know how to make the most of your work?

Do you know how to ensure that your boss, colleagues and staff members have a realistic idea of the amount of work you do every day?

If you are not completely confident, it may be useful for you to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Always get to work before your boss and go home after him.
    • He will appreciate it, I am sure, especially if he is not paying you overtime.
  2. Never walk around the office with a newspaper in your hand.
    • They would think you are about to hold a long … toilet meeting.
  3. Always keep in your hand a folder.
    • So that everyone will think you are going to meetings of some importance. If you walk around empty-handed, they might think you’re just going to the coffee machine.
  4. Never walk slowly.
    • Steps and fast movements enhance the perception of a busy person: a person who fidgets is not always doing something productive, but it is crucial to communicate ‘action’.
  5. If you absolutely must think, and you can’t avoid it, do it away from prying eyes.
    • People who think have nothing else to do.
  6. Do not attend training courses.
    • You are not paid to waste time on unproductive activities.
  7. If you really cannot give up on training, then do your best to arrive in the classroom at least 15 minutes late and leave it 20 minutes before the end.
    • Why? You have pressing tasks to attend to and, unfortunately, you cannot avoid them.
  8. You will do the same in the meetings.
    • You will so make clear to everyone the non-human workload you have to bear every day.
  9. Never mute your smartphone, especially if you are in a meeting.
    • As soon as it rings it will be clear to everyone that without you the organization cannot survive.
  10. Leave the desk messy.
    • Because only those who have nothing to do keep everything in perfect order.
  11. Complain quietly, but openly, about your workload.
    • Do it regularly, especially at the coffee machine. Your depressed expression will help to give you credibility and justify the well-deserved break.
  12. Schedule your e-mails for half an hour after everyone has left the office.
    • Receiving an e-mail at 8.30 p.m. always has a certain effect.

What did you say?

That’s what your lazy colleague does?

I know, but you have to adapt: if you don’t accept that you have to put some energy into making the most of your work,

 an ‘inattentive’ boss may end up not distinguishing
between you and the slacker of the moment.

And you don’t want that, do you?

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