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A not-so-uncommon specimen...

Do you know the manager... penguin?

2024 February 20 | by Arduino Mancini Leadership - Stratagems to succeed

Watch this short clip, which is quite common on the Web.




The penguin who would like to jump into the water but hesitates: he searches for the most suitable spot, several times he is on the point of jumping but then changes his mind.

Finally, after much hesitation, he jumps in, raising general amusement.

This clip reminded me of some managers, who are paralyzed when faced with more or less complex decisions:

they hesitate, have thousands of doubts grip them,
and constantly postpone.

Often, they come one step away from action; when you think it is finally the right time, you see them back on their feet.

And if the jump comes, it is because there is no alternative to it; the awkwardness that often accompanies the leap elicits irony or even hilarity from the people watching.

Yes, because some managers, like penguins, cannot fly.

But penguins know this!

Have you ever met a penguin manager?

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