Sales Team coaching – Business to Business (B2B)

What is that?

The coaching programme is designed for a team of salespeople who work in a company whose transactions in the market are mainly Business to Business (B2B); this programme can be adopted in various markets.

In general, the company who employs this programme intends to improve the performance of its sales force pursuing specific goals:

  • increasing its commercial presence in the market;
  • strengthening sales processes, with particular attention to budgeting, forecasting, and sales objectives;
  • improving product knowledge and presentation techniques;
  • reinforcing skills related to sales negotiation;
  • limited impact on the daily work of the people involved.

Structure and tools

The coaching programme concerns a variable number of salespeople (from 4 to 8 usually), and can focus on the following points:

  • design and implementation of a sales planning and management system focused on monthly forecasts, deviation analysis, and corrective actions;
  • definition of a portfolio management strategy;
  • verbal and non-verbal communication techniques;
  • presentation techniques;
  • methods for preparing and managing business meetings;
  • negotiating skills;
  • other.

The duration can be variable: usually, the coaching period does not exceed eight months.

The coaching programme is co-designed by the coach, the sales manager and the HR manager; the latter can regularly check the progress, suggest and share ideas.

At the end of the programme and during critical moments, the coach will provide a report regarding progress and the results of the work performed by the team.

The coaching programme can rely on different tools:

  • group and individual coaching sessions;
  • e-learning courses created by the coach to learn about specific topics faster. The salespeople take the courses autonomously;
  • individual work on articles, books and films related to the plan;
  • exercises and role-play in line with the goals of the programme.

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