On this page, you can find the coaching programmes we design and provide to individuals (also private), groups and organisations.

Tibi-coaching employes a variety of tools:

  • coaching sessions (also via video conference);
  • e-learning courses;
  • books;
  • movies;
  • articles;
  • activities and role-play of different types.

These instruments speed up learning and promote the ability to overcome emerging difficulties by improving personal resilience, as well as to reach the desired objectives.

Why is it essential to improve resilience?

Being able to face difficult situations and reorganise your own life by pursuing challenging objectives is something that provides a decisive contribution to the balance of your life.
We can manage the coaching programmes without stopping your daily work; thanks to the multiplicity and effectiveness of the tools used, they are also of limited duration.

The coaching programmes are designed for:

  • people who want to acquire skills to improve their performance in managing their professional or managerial role;
  • professionals or managers (both middle management and executives) who wish to become more effective in their work, in concert with their organisation;
  • people who are determined to give their career a new boost by enhancing their role or changing their job;
  • people who are facing a critical moment in their work and need a solution for complex situations;
  • teams/organisations that are dealing with innovation and change projects, aimed at enhancing their competitiveness.

Some examples of coaching programmes are provided below.

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Managing organisational conflict - Team coaching

What is that? This coaching programme is designed towards people belonging to different teams, departments or organisational units who experience conflict situations, that negatively impact their performance. When to employ it? Different types of organisations can adopt this coaching programme; in all cases, they intend to reinforce the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and pursue […]

Key Account Management & Planning (KAMP) – Organisational Coaching

Introduction This coaching programme is aimed at supporting the organisation in adopting a Key Account Management model that must inevitably be adapted to the Client’s context: see below the general lines. The KAMP (Key Account Management & Planning) is a model designed by tibicon to support to the overall management of the customer portfolio. The […]

Franchising - Defining strategic framework and new organisation

Introduction Before going into details, it is essential to focus the critical elements for the competitiveness of a franchising network: growth of the franchisees’ number and size; a market positioning that guarantees a medium-term competitive edge; for a new franchisee, belonging to a franchising network must generate an acceptable return on the investment. The context […]

Structuring and managing sales processes

Introduction   The client is a ceramic tiles company that manufactures and sells its products around the world: the general lines of this coaching project can be adopted in different business contexts. The sales organization is structured as follows: three sales managers coordinating sales activities in three continental areas and reporting to the General Manager; […]

HR Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the Balanced Scorecard

Introduction The coaching programme aimed to train and assist people from the HR, Quality, Finance and Controlling in defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) required by the Balanced Scorecard. The context information has been omitted for privacy reasons. Aims To provide participants with information and models supporting the integration at both local and head office level, […]