Personal and professional development - Private, individual coaching programme

What is that?

This type of coaching programme is designed for people who want to develop specific skills to improve their performance in managing their responsibilities: project managers, researchers, managers, designers, controllers, professionals of a different kind are only some of the roles that may be interested.

The programme can be modulated according to the needs of the coachee.

In general, it can follow two guidelines:

  • developing the skills necessary to improve his/her performance;
  • providing support for overcoming critical situations by enhancing his/her resilience.

Why is it essential to improve resilience?

Being able to face situations that may be traumatic and reorganise your own life by pursuing challenging goals represents an element that provides a decisive contribution to the balance of the entire existence.

Two conditions are necessary for the success of the coaching programme:

  • the coachee is determined to reach the desired objectives and to solve difficulties and problems that he/she faces;
  • the necessary conditions of trust exist between the coach and the coachee.

Structure and tools

The structure of the coaching programme can relate to the following guidelines:

  • the coach collects information useful for designing the plan;
  • the coach and coachee work together to:
    • appraise the awareness of the role, strengths and areas of improvement;
    • identify the performance objectives;
    • define a plan able to help the coachee reach the goals (6-12 months usually);
  • during the program, the coach will take care of:
    • managing the implementation;
    • supporting the coachee in overcoming emerging difficulties.

The coaching programme can rely on different tools:

  • coaching sessions, which usually do not last longer than 60 minutes, also in a video conference (one every 1-3 weeks);
  • e-learning courses developed by the coach to help learn specific topics faster (the coachee studies autonomously);
  • individual work, which can consist of reading articles, books and watching films concerning matters related to the programme;
  • exercises and simulations or role play, useful for overcoming emerging difficulties or reinforcing satisfactory performance.

The coaching programme does not require to stop ordinary activities and, thanks to the effectiveness of the tools used, it is of a moderate length.

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