Managing the performance appraisal interview


The performance management process is spreading in all type of companies, and the performance appraisal interview has become a crucial moment in the HR process management: the performance appraisal interview is today an essential moment in the performance management process and is vital to help staff improve their performance.
Therefore, this course is a tool that managers and HR department can employ to:

  • enable management and staff to prepare for the performance appraisal interview;
  • identify strengths/weaknesses and plan actions to overcome them;
  • help managers to strengthen their leadership by using feedback daily.


To provide participants with techniques and tools to support them in managing the performance appraisal interview and feedback, improving people’s performance daily.

Who should take this course?

The course aims at helping supervisors and their staff to manage feedback and the performance appraisal interview; it can also help the HR department in the design/management of the performance management processes.


  • The most common models of interpersonal communication
  • The question: the essential tool in the performance appraisal interview
  • The importance of listening skills to understand people and situations
  • Definition and structure of feedback
  • The role of feedback in the competence development
  • Feedback in action: praise and reprimand, the most popular forms of feedback
  • Techniques to offer and receive feedback
  • The meta-feedback: what it is, why you should adopt it
  • The performance cycle: defining objectives, managing activities, appraising performance
  • the performance appraisal interview: structure, preparation and management techniques
  • The most common errors in the performance appraisal interview

What about the learning material?

  • Course slides
  • Exercises
  • Articles about feedback and performance appraisal interview
  • Cartoon strips
  • Recommended movies and books

Teaching method

This course has been designed and structured to promote complete immersion in the topic and the individual experience.
The participants will face situations through exercises and video clips that reproduce moments similar to the ones they face daily.
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Final test and certificate

At the end of the course, participants take a test; after passing it, they can download their certificate of attendance.


8 o 16 hours:

  • 16 hours if the course takes place entirely in the classroom;
  • 8 hours if participants attend the e-learning course Improving staff performance before the classroom sessions, using the time spent with the teacher to practice and deepen the more complex topics.

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