Coaching - Change

In this page, you will find coaching programmes designed for teams or organisations to develop skills aimed at managing change projects.

Change projects are usually complex and require the coach to have a specific experience; the use of a wide variety of tools, such as e-learning courses, classroom training sessions and custom-designed tools is essential for a limited duration.

The training course on the management of a change project has proved to be very useful.

A point of strength of tibi-coaching programmes is the continuity of contact and discussion between the people involved and the coach within a social business collaboration platform: effective communication and content sharing are proven to be extremely useful in reducing resistance to change.

Here are some examples: click on the title and discover the contents.


The handover generation - Organisational coaching

Introduction The purpose of this coaching course is to support the CEO and owner of the company in the management of the handover generation. The customer is a medium-sized company that has a leading position in the reference market: even though they produce profits regularly, the management has substantial room for improvement. The company is […]

Key Account Management & Planning (KAMP) – Organisational Coaching

Introduction This coaching programme is aimed at supporting the organisation in adopting a Key Account Management model that must inevitably be adapted to the Client’s context: see below the general lines. The KAMP (Key Account Management & Planning) is a model designed by tibicon to support to the overall management of the customer portfolio. The […]

Franchising - Defining strategic framework and new organisation

Introduction Before going into details, it is essential to focus the critical elements for the competitiveness of a franchising network: growth of the franchisees’ number and size; a market positioning that guarantees a medium-term competitive edge; for a new franchisee, belonging to a franchising network must generate an acceptable return on the investment. The context […]