Innovation projects have broad overlaps with change projects since innovation requires the organisation to change the way it deals with the present and, above all, with the future.

I present here innovation projects separately to highlight some fundamental aspects:

  • creativity is generally considered to be an innate characteristic, which can only be learned to a limited extent;
  • the services offered by training and consulting companies are focused on what happens when the innovation already exists, ready to be perfected and delivered to the market. What they neglect is the individual creative act, essential for innovation;
  • we are often intolerant with people who have different opinions, forgetting that nothing new can arise from two identical ideas.

For this reason, what you can find peculiar in this organisational coaching programme are three things:

  • overcoming the myth of creativity as an innate characteristic, to develop which can be used techniques inspired by cognitive flexibility and effectiveness of thought;
  • the strengthening of “creative confidence” and individual abilities in solving complex situations;
  • the continuous search for the diversity of views, to find inspiration for new ideas and the development of a culture of innovation.

Now, proceed with the general lines of the innovation coaching programme.


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