Coaching - Team coaching

On this page, you will find coaching programmes that I designed for groups of people who need to develop homogeneous skills and/or improve their performance in managing the responsibilities assigned, individually or in groups.

Here are some typical examples:

  • teams that need to acquire skills essential to managing activities as well as processes that are fundamental to competitive advantage (sales, project management, negotiation, etc.);
  • teams or business functions that are facing conflictual situations, to be resolved cooperatively in limited time, consistent with the needs of the organisation;
  • people who manage similar roles (e.g. middle managers, buyers, project managers, etc.) who must acquire or improve the employment of specific skills.

tibi-coaching differs for the diversity of the tools it uses: e-learning courses, classroom training sessions, books, films, articles and exercises specifically designed to accelerate learning.

In addition, a strength of tibi-coaching is the continuity of contacts, discussion and networking between participants and the coach within a social platform for communicating and sharing content.

All coaching programmes can be managed without interrupting the ordinary activity and, thanks to the variety and effectiveness of the tools employed, they have a limited duration.

Here are some examples: click on the title and discover the contents.


Sales Team coaching – Business to Business (B2B)

What is that? The coaching programme is designed for a team of salespeople who work in a company whose transactions in the market are mainly Business to Business (B2B); this programme can be adopted in various markets. In general, the company who employs this programme intends to improve the performance of its sales force pursuing […]

Developing sales negotiation skills - Team coaching

Who might be interested in this coaching programme? Sales/business manager who have ongoing relationships with customers or business partners, salespeople who are responsible for managing key accounts or a customer portfolio which is relevant to the corporate mission. Aims Encourage the acquisition/strengthening of skills related to effective communication, with a focus on sales negotiations: Learning […]

Managing organisational conflict - Team coaching

What is that? This coaching programme is designed towards people belonging to different teams, departments or organisational units who experience conflict situations, that negatively impact their performance. When to employ it? Different types of organisations can adopt this coaching programme; in all cases, they intend to reinforce the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and pursue […]