Develop resilience to improve your performance


When we think of resilience, we may think of something that springs back into shape after a blow or other impact.
The psychological resilience in a person is representative of his capacity to react quickly to difficulties or adverse conditions, to formulate new goals and pursue them with determination.
Resilient people can contribute substantially to the success of the organisation and the growth of competitive advantage.


This training course aims to improve or build the awareness that resilience is a crucial element for personal and organisational success and to provide useful tools for its development.

Who should take this course?

The course is intended for all roles in the organisation.


Resilience: what is it?

  • Material resilience and psychological resilience
  • Definition psychological resilience in specific situations

Resilience in the organisation

  • How do we want the people we work with to be?
  • Why is the ability to get up and formulate new goals so important?

Motivation and resilience

  • Definition and structure of motivation
  • Inner motivation and induced motivation
  • The role of motivation in the development of individual resilience

Resilience and performance

  • Definition of performance and its components
  • Why only people who believe they can do it actually do it
  • The role of optimism in the quality of performance
  • Resilience as a fundamental element in the quality of performance

Anger management

  • Anger: the great enemy of performance
  • Why we get angry: what happens when we lose the head
  • How to manage successfully destructive emotions
  • Techniques to control anger

Optimism and pessimism

  • Definitions: which link them?
  • Optimism and hope
  • The effects of optimism on your life: health, effective thinking, stress management
  • Optimism and performance: self-efficacy, self-esteem, management of difference of thoughts and culture
  • A way to recognise an optimist and a pessimist from language
  • There are different kinds of optimism: when seeing everything pink becomes dangerous
  • Let’s learn the various forms of optimism: realistic, unrealistic, magical thinking, false, mandatory,
  • Pollyanna syndrome

Optimism and resilience

  • The links between the two concepts
  • Strengthen realistic optimism: the role of critical thinking
  • Improve your performance: for what reasons you can do much more than you think
  • Techniques to develop optimism and resilience
  • Exercises of optimism

What about the learning material?

  • Course slides
  • Exercises
  • Articles about Resilience
  • Glossary with the principal terms used in the course
  • Cartoon strips
  • Recommended movies and books

Teaching method

  • This course has been designed and structured to promote complete immersion in the topic and the individual experience
  • The participants will face situations through exercises and video clips that reproduce moments similar to the ones they face daily.
  • Would you like to know more about the teaching method? Click here.

Final test and certificate

At the end of the course, participants take a test; after passing it, they can download their certificate of attendance.


Sixteen hours or more.


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