The foundation of leadership

Effective leadership


Millions of books and papers have been published about leadership over time; apparently, very few things are to be discovered.
The concept of leadership is affected by many clich├ęs; for example, the common belief that leadership is an innate characteristic of the individual: leader, according to some, you are born
My experience as a manager and business coach makes me say that leadership finds its foundation in the bond that the leader can build with the followers over time.
In essence, you can learn how to be a leader, and this course helps you discover how.


Helping participants to understand the meaning of leadership as competence and develop it effectively.

Who should take this course?

Business owners, managers and human resources people.


  • Leadership: inside the meaning
  • Leader and manager: what is the difference?
  • Leader, individual, mass: mechanisms and links among the concepts
  • The bonds between leader and follower
  • The myth of the charismatic leader
  • The “good” leaders: why do we love them?
  • Bad” leadership: why is it successful?
  • Leadership and competence: the leader profile
  • The leader as an agent of change: the power of the vision
  • The team leader
  • Leadership styles
  • Learn to be a leader: is it possible?

What about the learning material?

  • Course slides
  • Exercises
  • Articles about leadership
  • Cartoon strips
  • Recommended movies and books

Teaching method

This course has been designed and structured to promote complete immersion in the topic and the individual experience.
The participants will face situations through exercises and video clips that reproduce moments similar to the ones they face daily.
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Final test and certificate

At the end of each course, participants take a test; after passing it, they can download their certificate of attendance.


Sixteen hours or more.

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