The e-learning courses you find in the category Staff management are designed to help participants to improve the performance of their staff.

These courses are essential for people who wish to acquire a management and communication style that encourages the development of staff competence, motivation and self-confidence, improving individual and team performance.

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The performance appraisal interview

This eLearning course aims to help supervisors and their staff to prepare the performance appraisal interview and define the training plan to close gaps and reinforce strengths.

Enhancing motivation drivers

  Contents and details of the course Why a course on motivation drivers? Let me ask you a few questions: What motivates people? Why do we do one thing rather than another? Is money the most appealing driver of motivation? What relationship is there between needs and motivation? What tools should we use to increase […]

Improving staff performance

  Contents and details of the course Why a course on staff performance improvement? First of all, let’s say that managing people is one of the toughest management tasks: for example, if your staff member’s performance is unsatisfactory and you immediately reprimand him/her, his motivation is likely to disappear quickly. And you will find it […]