In classroom and blended

Classroom and blended training follow the teaching method you can find on this page.

The courses aim at improving primary aspects of organisational life:

  • performance in managing a specific role or activities/processes, with a focus on interpersonal communication, resilience and effective thinking;
  • staff management, to improve individual and group performance;
  • the quality of organisational interaction, which is crucial for achieving objectives and generating competitive advantage;
  • the development of a leadership model able to support the company vision;
  • sales and negotiation, essential for gathering the desired results;
  • the management of critical aspects in the organisation’s strategy.

The blended training (classroom and e-learning) use e-learning courses to allow participants to acquire knowledge and management techniques independently, to deepen later in the classroom sessions.

The duration is presented in hours and can vary according to the purpose of the course: this is because all the courses are co-designed with the Client, to achieve specific goals.

The course can include 4-hour classroom sessions held 1 or 2 weeks apart, and online interaction with the teacher and other participants.

More in detail, for the entire duration of the course the teacher will assist the participants through discussion groups based on specific topics.

At the end of all training courses (in the classroom or blended), you will take an online test, after which you can download the certificate of attendance.

Now, here is the list of classroom training courses.

To learn more about the content, click on the title.

Learn to speak in public and engage the audience

Introduction. Speaking in public is a challenging task for many, especially when the audience: is particularly competent and authoritative; will evaluate your performance; can influence your future, personal or professional; is simply… large! You also might find it challenging to face the presence of media, especially if the camera is involved. Well, this course aims […]

Enhancing motivation drivers for achieving goals

Why a course on motivation? Let me ask you a few questions: What motivates people? Why do we do one thing rather than another? Is money the most appealing motivation driver? What relationship is there between needs and motivation? What tools should we use to increase motivation? Is it possible to motivate people? This e-learning […]

Design and manage a sales force in a B2B market

Introduction. When a company faces uncertain or recessive market conditions, a motivated and well-structured sales force is a fundamental element for its competitiveness and, probably, its survival. Designing the structure, recruiting staff, and managing a sales force able to contribute to the company’s competitive advantage requires knowledge and experience which are not easy to find […]

Strategic management of Intellectual Capital

Introduction. The intellectual capital is the most powerful weapon of the organisation: more than the better known financial and physical assets. Like other things that can generate great results, it is not so easy to identify, and its management may be rather complicated. This course is intended to support manager, human resources specialist and knowledge […]

Trademarks and patents - Protection of the main intellectual property rights

Introduction. While the development of technology encourages creative effort and investments in research, the size of the markets in which the company operates increases the need to provide adequate protection for Intellectual Property. If you want to know more you can read my book. Aims The course aims to introduce participants in the dynamics of […]