Franchising - Defining strategic framework and new organisation


Before going into details, it is essential to focus the critical elements for the competitiveness of a franchising network:

  • growth of the franchisees’ number and size;
  • a market positioning that guarantees a medium-term competitive edge;
  • for a new franchisee, belonging to a franchising network must generate an acceptable return on the investment.

The context information is omitted for privacy reasons.

The scenario

The client is facing different issues:

  • giving continuity to the growing trend in a market weaker than in the past;
  • offering franchisees competitive service quality;
  • building a corporate identity, differentiating toward competition and adopting a market positioning that leads to actual differentiation.


Two main goals:

  • company management assessment about:
    • organisation efficiency and strategic framework;
    • human resources and intangible assets status to support the company growth in the medium-term;
  • definition of the business plan to support company growth:
    • focusing on profitability and shareholder value;
    • turning the business plan into a communication tool to strengthen the bond with franchisees and increasing their number.

Coaching project management and results

  • The client will capitalise the investment both in terms of goal achievement and management awareness.
  • Some phases of the project will be managed independently by tibicon; however, the efficient flow of information will guarantee full involvement of company management.

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