The handover generation - Organisational coaching


The purpose of this coaching course is to support the CEO and owner of the company in the management of the handover generation.

The customer is a medium-sized company that has a leading position in the reference market: even though they produce profits regularly, the management has substantial room for improvement.

The company is a family business, and the CEO has decided to:

  • evaluate the possibility of progressively reducing his involvement to the company, entrusting greater responsibilities to the two sons;
  • improve the overall management infrastructure by introducing performance management and management control system.


CEO entrusted tibicon with an assignment aimed to achieve some results in about 12 months:

  • to encourage the growth and the progressive assumption of responsibility by the sons, through a detailed plan:
    • training courses, in the classroom and e-learning;
    • their deep involvement in strategic issues;
    • individual coaching;
  • adoption of a management control system that can encourage more conscious management and contribute to increasing profitability;
  • support the HR function in adopting performance management processes.


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