Directed by Oliver Stone - 1999 – Usa – 151 min.

Any Given Sunday

2015 November 02 | by Admin

Tony D’Amato has been the coach of the Miami Sharks football team for 20 years.

The current season, however, after four consecutive defeats, the situation is getting worse.

The season of gets even more difficult for the death of the old owner, a strong supporter of sport as entertainment; his daughter Christina takes the position of president.

The young woman immediately adopts an entirely different strategy: profit counts more than anything else, and if the team goes wrong, it is merely a wrong investment.

And in this case, you have to change, without caring about feelings.

The man who symbolises the players is the quarterback Cap Rooney, a true legend; a man who at 38 would like to keep his legend alive.

But an injury obliges him to stop and, after him, even the other quarterback is forced to leave the field.

Willie Beamen takes to the field and, with some good performances, he imposes himself on the general attention. After other matches with alternate results, the team arrive at the play-offs.

How does the film continue? You’ll find out by seeing it: here you can see the trailer and, further on, I’ll tell you about some aspects that might be interesting to you.

Want to know more? Now watch the trailer, then I’ll tell you why the movie is worth your time.




The crucial points of the movie

Many exciting themes, in a movie beautifully starred by Al Pacino.

The “random” discovery of Willie Beamen’s talent, which only emerges when two quarterbacks are injured, and to whom the coach has not paid much attention before.

The team play, encouraged by Tony on several occasions and visible in a video that has become “cult” on the net.

The dynamics between coach and team member: it portrays the conflict due to different views and to the interference caused by the lack of trust.

Not least, the topic of personal vision and its impact on the family, that emerges when the “old” Cap Rooney announces to his wife the intention to retire.

The new assignment that the resigning coach announces to the press, which sounds like a resounding slap in the face to those who no longer trusted him.

In short, so many things to observe in a movie that, seen without looking for specific situations, do not make you regret.


Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, James Foxx, Cool J., Matthew Modine, James Woods, Lauren Holly, Charlton Heston, Ann-Margret, Aaron Eckart, John C. McGinley

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