A film to learn how to listen consciously.

Directed by T. Shadyac - 1998 - USA - 115 min

Patch Adams

Patch Adams is a semi-biographical tragicomic film freely adapted from the autobiography of Hunter “Patch” Adams (Gesundheit: good health is a laughing matter), about a counterculture character who introduces laughter therapy in the early 1970s.

In 1969, the protagonist, suffering from personality disorders, voluntarily enters a psychiatric hospital, experiencing on his skin the cynical disinterest of the physicians and discovering his innate propensity to help others.

When Patch is discharged from the hospital, his greatest desire is to become a physician to start a hospital of joy where smile therapy is the appropriate treatment.

Then he enrolls at Virginia Medical University, where he meets Mitch, a serious and know-it-all student; Carin, a girl who avoids social contact and at first rejects Patch’s courtship; and Truman, the only one with whom he immediately befriends.

Patch achieves excellent results with minimal effort, arousing Mitch’s envy; his verve helps him attract Carin’s attention.

I will not tell you more about the plot, because I don’t want to take away the excitement of discovering how events unfold.

Now, watch the trailer, and then I will tell you what I think you can learn from the film.




How to watch the film

A worthwhile film for learning conscious listening techniques and seeing clear examples of bad listening.

The film may also be useful for people who intend to take a closer look at the dynamics of conflict with colleagues and organizations, often faced by anyone who proposes a way of doing things that breaks the rules and undermines acquired power positions.

A must-see film, as I am sure many of you have already.


Robin Williams, Monica Potter, Daniel London, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bob Gunton, Josef Sommer, Frances Lee Mccain, Harve Presnel, Daniella Kuhn

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