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Why beauty, social interaction, vitality, elegance, sexuality and fertility are the secrets of success
Catherine Hakim - Basic Books - 2011 - 304 pages

Erotic Capital

2022 March 16 | by Arduino Mancini Staff management - Women and Men

In 1986, the French philosopher and sociologist Pierre Bordieu claimed, in his book The forms of capital, that the three personal resources of each person are economic capital (money and related goods), human capital (knowledge and skills) and social capital (knowledge, friendships, social status, etc.). In this book, Catherine Hakim, sociologist at the London School […]

Learn to delegate and improve your time management
K. Blanchard, W. Oncken jr., H. Burrows - William Morrow & Co - 2016 - 176 pagg

The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

2021 August 26 | by Arduino Mancini Staff management - Time Management

Surprise, surprise: delegation does not only apply to bosses, but also to their staff. And today I’ll tell you why! Here is a booklet that helps managers and their staff to clarify two essential and intimately connected points: delegation and time management. How? First of all, following a straightforward rule: never take a problem on […]